E-Bike and Ferrata

The e-bike can significantly speed up the route from the ferrata in Kyseľ.

If you do not have a full day to visit the ferrata in Kyseľ we bring you the opportunity to speed up the route from the ferrata in an e-bicycle.

If you are planning to complete the ferrata from Čingov, it is necessary to take into account that the whole route there and back will take you about 6 hours at a standard tourist pace. It is a route in the direction of: Čingov – Biely potok – Kyseľ – ferrata – Kláštorisko – Čertová sihoť – Biely potok – Čingov.

However, the return trip may look different. Take advantage of the possibility of renting the e-bicycle in Kláštorisko, with which you will complete a cross-country descent along a wide paved forest road to Podlesok, from where we will take you back to Čingov by car. In this case you can save up to 1.5 hours. The descent itself takes about 20-30 minutes. It depends on your fitness, courage and stamina.

The price for this option is  10 € at Kláštorisko.


In addition, we also offer you the opportunity to use new e-bikes, which will shorten the entire route to and from the ferrata even more. We will take you by car from Čingov to Podlesok, where you can get on the e-bike and ride all the way to Kláštorisko.There, you put the e-bike down and follow the yellow sign for about 30 minutes to the beginning of the ferrata in Kyseľ. After completing the ferrata, you will get on your e-bike again and start the ride to Podlesok, from where we will take you back to Čingov.

The price for this option is 35 €

The price includes:

  • powerful e-bike rental,
  • ferrata set rental,
  • entry fee for the ferrata,
  • drive to and from Čingov.

More information on +421 903 265 151