How To Rent

You can rent a ferrata set (all pieces of ferrata equipment which are: helmet, harness and shock/energy absorber) in three ways:

  1. Online booking on this site – it’s quick and easy (just a few clicks)
  2. By calling us on the phone:

    +421 903 265 151

  3. In person in our office at a CVENGI – Ferrata Equipment Rental in Čingov, Podlesok or Kláštorisko – there is a risk that the sets will no longer be available on a given day.

Price for renting a ferrata set for one day:

15 € / 1 set

The price is final. There is no need to make any deposit.:

Ferrata sets can be picked up at the CVENGI – Ferrata Equipment Rental in Čingov. The ideal time for pick up is in the morning and around noon. Before renting the set, it is necessary to write out a short form with contact details, in which you also agree to return the rented set back to the selected collection point. When planning the ferrata trip, it is necessary to keep in mind that the ferrata sets must be returned by 18:00. If there is a situation in which you find yourself not returning the set by 18:00, it is necessary to call as at +421 903 265 151 and arrange the delivery of the ferrata set in person..


  • each person is obliged to use the ferrata set for self-security when going to the ferrata HZS in Kyseľ
  • ferrata set consists of three parts: helmet, harness, shock/energy absorber with two carabiners
  • the payment for renting a ferrata set is paid in advance for 15 € / 1 set
  • the person who had confirmed the form for renting ferrata sets with the signature is responsible for the ferrata sets
  • each person is obliged to check the rented ferrata set immediately when received
  • each person confirms by the signature the acquaintance with the use of the ferrata set
  • in case of damage or non-return of the set, its loss (or one of its parts) the compensation is in the amount of 100 €
  • in case of activating the shock/energy absorber (eg in case of a fall), the responsible person is obliged to pay 50 €
  • use of the ferrata set is at your own risk
  • CVENGI – Ferrata Equipment Rental is not responsible for any damage to your health and life