Important Information

  • According to Schall's scale, this ferrata reaches difficulty C and is not suitable for children under 6 years.
  • In case of a serious accident, entrapment, or any health problem, call the Mountain Rescue Service (in Slovak: HZS - Horská Záchranná Služba) Emergency Line 18 300.
  • Individual sections of the ferrata are marked with boards with the name of the place and a number, which in case of an accident will significantly facilitate the location of the affected tourists.
  • Ferrata is closed for nature protection from 1st of November to 14th of June. It is prohibited to enter the ferrata between those dates. In case of violation of this condition, the employees of the Slovak Paradise National Park or the Nature Guard may give you a ticket that would cost you 66€ .
  • Ferrata is one-way ONLY - exclusively in the bottom-up direction.
  • There is a fee charge (5€) to enter the ferrata .
  • Even in nice weather, it is necessary to take into an account that it could be wet in the ferrata and, in addition, several sections need to be crossed through water, meaning, you need to consider to take proper clothes and shoes especially.
  • In case of a storms or long rains, there is a possibility of high water levels so the planned crossing of the ferrata is recommended to be reconsidered and postponed.
  • We recommend to ferrata visitors to be properly insured. You can register advantageous year-round and worldwide insurance on the following website: